JBL Bar Studio compact soundbar provides stellar sound for your favorite TV series, movies and music. It’s slim, incomparably designed and extremely easy to use. JBL surround sound and double bass ports turn your TV sound into real cinema sound. The JBL Bar Studio includes Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream your favorite music to the speaker, wirelessly. It is easy to set up with just one single HDMI cable to connect between your TV and the soundbar. You can control the JBL Bar Studio with your existing TV remote control.

All-in-one Soundbar with built-in Dual Bass Port design
Enjoy significantly better sound with more bass from your TV series, movies, and music through Dual Bass Port design.

JBL Surround Sound
Bring movies to life with JBL Surround Sound, without the hassle of any additional wires or speakers.

Wireless music streaming with Bluetooth
Stream all your music wirelessly from any mobile device.

- General Specifications
Total Maximum Power: 30W Yes
Bluetooth Version: 4.2 Yes
Soundbar Weight: 1.4kg \ 3.1 lbs Yes

Audio Specifications
Max SPL: 90dB Yes
Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20kHz Yes
Audio inputs: 1 Analog, 1 Optical, Bluetooth, USB Yes

Soundbar Transducer Size: 2 x 2" woofer, 2 x 1.5" tweeter Yes
Soundbar Dimensions (W x H x D): 614 x 58 x 86 (mm) \ 24.2" x 2.3" x 3.4" Yes

Video Specifications
HDMI Video Output (with Audio Return Channel): 1 Yes
HDMI HDCP Version 1.4

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