Sonos App works with Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify and Saavn!

Powerful sound in a space-saving form. Can be placed on your desk flat, or standing for a smaller footprint. Each box contains two powerful Mid-Bass drivers and a high-performance tweeter which is guaranteed to fill a typical living room. Not satisfied? Pair two for Stereo! Works with the Sonos App, a repository of the most popular music services in the world!

Official 1 year warranty from date of delivery.

About this product:

- Versatile. Fits perfectly in tall and narrow or short and wide spaces.

- Stereo sound. Intense and immersive, with surprisingly deep bass for a speaker its size.

- Vertical or horizontal, the sound remains amazing.

- Two PLAY:3s work as Sonos home theatre rear speakers.

- Wall or stand mountable.

Free delivery within 3 working days, upon confirmation of stock availability. Available in Black or White.

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