Enjoy wireless charging with POWER UP Charging Dock. Charge-n-go with BLAST, MEGABLAST, BOOM 3 and MEGABOOM 3 speakers.

Kiss goodbye to old school wires. Ultimate Ears POWER UP makes charging super easy. Just throw it on the dock and your speaker starts charging immediately. It means you can grab-and-go fully charged whenever the moment strikes.
POWER UP isn’t just about charging, it’s about enjoying music at any moment. Whenever your speaker is docked, it’s also powered, so you can play tunes, or enjoy Alexa (BLAST & MEGABLAST) all day, every day.
POWER UP’s sleek, minimal design fits into any home and looks stunning with all of our compatible speakers.
Join the wireless charging revolution with any of these ultimate music makers.
PRO TIP : Make sure to use the USB power brick that comes with your POWER UP for the fastest, most optimal charging. Non Ultimate Ears bricks will work but they’re probably going to slower, and almost certainly less ultimate.
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